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More About Me

Hello All! Thanks for taking time to check out my website. My name is David. I specialise in all things editing. I have spent five plus years editing Audiobooks of all genres.


But not just Audiobooks. Editing is my passion, which has led me to edit videos for social media, whether it be Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, you name it.


In this time I have taken to managing social media. Its time consuming to build an audience, even more to maintain it. That's where I come in. Engaging with potential clients and your audience is essential but not always requiring your full attention. With me, that is all taken care of. Mere formalities can be handled by me while the responses that require your personal touch are still in your hands. Differentiating between the two is an important skill to have. With it, your social media feels genuine, feels like you. Not controlled by AI or someone who does just ticks the boxes. Understanding you and your personality is the key to a social media manager and with you still being involved in those personal messages. It gives the appearance that only you are involved in your social media. 

News Cameras
Woman with Camera
Film Production
Post Production Video Editing
Camera Crew
Camera Gimbal
Videographer on Set
Fancy Camera

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If you want to talk more about what I have to offer then feel free to contact my Email.


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